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Friday, February 25, 2011

Bringing features and spotlight soon as well as giveaways!

Okay, so I have really gotten into blogging and doing the videos again. Since my decision to get into this, I've decided that as I get more followers on here and on youtube, I will start to feature some of my natural friends and I will also start doing giveaways and having contests. There are lots of products that I plan to try and review so look out for it. I will also do makeup product reviews here and there.

I have completely neglected my hair this winter. I have not done any deep treatments and my ends haven't been trimmed in some time now. As I do the blogs and videos, I hope to be able to show you guys a transition in my hair from how it is now being neglected and how it can be. Also, with the help of my natural friends,(I have plenty) hopefully their pictures, videos, blogs and features on my page will help an natural girl out there.

Thanks for reading, I will be uploading a twist out video in a few hours so stay tuned for that on youtube... I was also told to try out amla powder or bentonight clay... Has anyone tried either of these on your hair for strengthening and curl definition? If so please let me know how it worked, I have included a picture of both below. Please post comments and ask questions...


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