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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today is the Day!!!! Extra 15% off at Walgreens

In addition to the already fabulous BOGO free sale that walgreens has going on with their Shea Moisture Products, there is also a friends and family discount going on TODAY only with an aditional 15% off your total purchase! To view listing Click ~~~~~~>>> BOGO

Here is the picture of the coupon needed to take advantage of this, make sure you click on my picture here to print it out!

Last, I have heard that Target does price matching, for those of you who ran into an issue with your local Target saying they don't do price matching on BOGO free, here is PROOF! (Excuse my receipt, I had to pull it out of the trash when people said they had issues at Target. LOL)

I hope this post helps, I am in fact going to another target today just to see about this price matching issue and will post a better receipt when I get it. LOL. Happy shopping Naturals!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shea Moisture Products BOGO free!!!

First I want to say thanks to everyone who is following my blog, I really appreciate you. Pplease comment and also subscribe to my youtube page!! I will have some new videos up soon on a new natural hair product that I will receive in a couple days and on some new styles!!!

My youtube page <~~~~~~ Please click, subscribe and add me as a friend!!! Soooo, on to the good stuff! I just found out some news and had to share it with you all. I've recently started using Shea Moisture products, but as I got up this morning and did a little web searching, I see that at Walgreens these products are now BOGO free!!!! Anyone out there who uses these products may want to go and stock up! I am on my way out the door in a short few to check them out! Below are some of the products. They are all normally $9.99, so just think two products for that price and they last a while, well mine have!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Morning!

Hello lovely people...

I am in a great mood today, I will go to get my hair cut (yes again). I went last week to get my ends trimmed, but after looking at my hair all week long, I see that it has no shape to it, in the back, there is hair all over the place! I made an appointment yesterday with a natural hair salon so we will see what happens. I will post some before and after pics later of my hair! Enjoy your day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Excited!!! My Pallets have arrived!!!

Happy Saturday Evening!!!!

So..... I promised you guys I would do as many product reviews as possible, well my first makeup product review will be done soon. Last week I came across some wonderful pallets and today they arrived! If this product proves to be as nice as I think it will, stand by for a give away! I am really UBER excited!!!I will likely do a pallet and brush giveaway once I reach 250 followers either on my blog or on my youtube page at www.youtube.com/EJHalo ... So please don't forget to follow my blog and subscribe on youtube. You need a blogger account to do so, which is easy to create using your email account...

Today I received a 13 piece brush set, a 78 color eyeshadow/blush set and an 88 color eyeshadow pallet. There are several companies out there that offer these at a reasonable price, but not all of them have been reviewed. Some are good and some have been said to be not so good, but we will see... Here are a few pics of my new brush set and my two new pallets! Post your feedback and let me know if you guys would be interested in this as a future giveaway!

Nite, Nite

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soooooo.. First giveaway came early... =)

Hey lovely people...

So I was on youtube searching one of my users videos and I came across this one in particular that caught my eye! I said hmmmm... I know several of us have the same issue from this video, so I decided to do my first giveaway of this product!!!


In order to win, you have to subscribe to my blog at www.NaturallyEJ.blogspot.com and click on the "Soooooo.. First giveaway came early... =)" post and comment saying "ENTER ME". Then you have to go to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/EJHalo and subscribe there, when you have subscribed go to my comment box and click enter me! That simple...

The contest will run for two weeks and I will announce the winner on Sunday March 20, 2011.... Here is the video and the product that will be up for grabs...


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to my new followers/ Wash and Go: Eco Styler Gel

Good morning!

I just wanted to first of all thank all of my new followers and say that I really appreciate you guys taking the time out to follow my blog as well as my youtube channel! If there are any videos you would like me to put on youtube please comment on my page at www.youtube.com/EJHalo and if there are any topics you would like to discuss on this blog, please feel free to comment on one of the posts and I will be sure to do my best to make sure it happens...

So, I finally gave in and did a wash and go using Eco styler gel with olive oil. Many of us have an issue with certain parts of our hair that may be a different texture from the rest (I SURE DO!). So after getting my ends trimmed this past weekend and applying the bentonite treatment to my hair! YAY!!!! I decided to do the wash and go. Check out the video below and let me know what you think!