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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bentonite Clay/Powder Review

Good morning!

So last night after I got my ends trimmed at super cuts, (Yes, just walked in and let them go to work) I applied bentonite clay to my hair. It was suggested to me by http://www.youtube.com/anaturalbeauty3 to help bring more definition to my hair and so far I am more than pleased! This product is sold at whole foods, vitamin shoppe and places like Earth Fare which is where I got mine. Here is a picture of the one I got below.

It was super easy to mix, although it is basically a trial and error thing with the consistency of the powder and water. It was a HUGE mess, but very easy to clean up. I followed a simple recipe that I saw on Curly Nikki and went to work. I judged the mixture by eye. I added the powder and warm water until I got the mixture to a pancake batter like consistency. After that I added about two table spoons of honey.

I applied it and left it on my hair for about 10-15 minutes. It is also good to use as a face mask and of course I could not help myself... I put it on my face as well. My skin is really sensitive so I ended up having to wash it off pretty quickly. It did make my face smooth and I may try to spruce up the face mask recipe to add something to not make my face feel so dry.

Soooo in my opinion, I am very pleased with the results, I could definitely tell that my hair had more curl definition than before I applied the mixture. I don't expect a miracle to happen in one night, but over time I do plan to add this to my regimen and will keep you all posted on the results. Here is a picture of my hair after rinsing out the treatment... I will also upload a video to my youtube page about the application of this...

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  1. I am going to try the treatments out soon, you have inspired me...