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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding recap and my first blog post as Mrs. Drayton

Hello everyone,

Life has been so busy and amazing lately. The last time I checked in, I was preparing for my wedding. I am now Mrs. Drayton!

I am going to try to give you the best recap of the wedding I can. Please consider the fact that I have just returned home from a fabulous honeymoon to London for 4 days and Dubai for 3 days...After adding in over 14 hours of flights each way to and from our home airport, we can all understand that I am still a bit exhausted.

My bridesmaids, family and close friends were nothing short of amazing! I really love and appreciate each and every one of them. The weekend got of to a slow, but fun start. People arrived in town and we hung and had a great time the night before the wedding.

The morning of the wedding, I was calm for the most part... Besides stressing the seating chart and wanting to make sure everyone had a seat, I was cool as a fan. Most people want to see pics more than anything so I will just try to post pics and give a caption of what's in the pic, deal?

Since this is my Natural Hair blog, what better to talk about than my hair!!! First off, the person who was suppose to do my hair for the wedding ended up burning her hand 6 days before the wedding frying fish... (I know right?!?!) Thank goodness for Kimeche! She is my maid of honors hair stylist and came to the rescue. I had no idea what was going to be done with my hair and literally 2.5 hours before the wedding was when we started to attack the whole hair thing. She got me done in about 20 minutes... Fast and did a great job!!!

So the next three pics are the gifts that I got during the day and leading up to the wedding. The very first thing I opened was a beautiful tennis bracelet that I was so excited about. The second was a lovely pink face Movado watch that matched our wedding colors... I honestly was thankful and more than overjoyed as I headed over to the wedding venue thinking I had received everything I was going to get from my love.

After arriving at the wedding venue, getting completely dressed and about to line up to walk down the aisle, my maid of honor brought in one last box and said she was told to give it to me just before the wedding. I anxiously unwrapped and opened a lovely pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I immediately took off my "something old" shoes that I planned to wear down the aisle, panicked to find something else I could use to replace my "something old" and put on my new red bottoms to come down the aisle to marry my man. The shoes were definitely a hit with me and got all of 10 minutes of wear.... Well, until they got stuck in the grass LOL... Those heels are something else! I just love a stiletto!!!

I was surprisingly not nervous and almost made it down the aisle without shedding a tear, but that was short lived when I laid eyes on my then fiancee... I burst out into an uncontrollable mix of emotions from that point. The weather was perfect, the day went great and I really can't express how thankful I am to have had so many of our dear family, friends and loved ones in attendance on our special day! We had about 300 people in attendance to the wedding and the reception and boy did we enjoy mixing and mingling with everyone!

During the ceremony, we did the unity sand, took our first communion together as a married couple and jumped the broom. All in all, the day was perfect and I am still very thankful and highly blessed!

After the ceremony, we danced the night away... After the red bottoms got stuck in the grass, I retired them for the night and ended up putting on my personalized converse along with my bridesmaids while we cut a rug the rest of the night and so I could be comfortable walking around as we thanked the guests... Below you will see a pic of me stepping out of the shoes after they got stuck and a pic of me and 6 of my 12 bridesmaids in our "Chuck Taylors". The other 6 ladies must have been dancing or at the bar :)

I guess I can end this post with pictures of the cakes. Our wedding cake was beautifully done by my moms favorite baker in the Charleston SC area. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and saw her masterpiece at the reception. I was very pleased. The grooms cake was done by my "Superwoman" Maid of Honor... Check out her facebook page if you are in the Columbia SC area. She made my husband the best cake ever, it was red velvet cake made for his alma mater The University of South Carolina Gamecocks....

Thanks to everyone out there who have wished us well, were there in mind, body and in spirit. We love and appreciate you all from the bottom of our hearts.. I will do a post on the honeymoon soon and then it will be back to hair stuff. I did want to share a little piece of my day with you all who have been so supportive!

~Mrs. Drayton~