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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mixed Silk Deep conditioner and Leave in

I also purchased the Mixed Silk leave in and deep conditioner yesterday. I believe it is Sally's version of Mixed Chicks. I am a co-washer and I do not use shampoo at all on my hair, so I did not purchase the shampoo. I totally bought this product on a whim and did not read the ingredients in the store. I am not super huge on not using certain ingredients, but I have stayed away from a lot of silicons and this product definitely has some of those in it as well as other ingredients that many may not like.

As I used the leave in last night, it had a smell of a mild pump it up as it came out of the bottle, I used it anyway and I can't say as of right now if I will do away with it or not. I have heard great things about the deep conditioner though. I twisted my hair last night after applying the leave in and sealed my ends with shea butter wheat protein. So maybe tonight I will use the deep conditioner and let you all know what I think about it. Stay tuned...

Naturally EJ

Bentonite Clay/Powder Review

Good morning!

So last night after I got my ends trimmed at super cuts, (Yes, just walked in and let them go to work) I applied bentonite clay to my hair. It was suggested to me by http://www.youtube.com/anaturalbeauty3 to help bring more definition to my hair and so far I am more than pleased! This product is sold at whole foods, vitamin shoppe and places like Earth Fare which is where I got mine. Here is a picture of the one I got below.

It was super easy to mix, although it is basically a trial and error thing with the consistency of the powder and water. It was a HUGE mess, but very easy to clean up. I followed a simple recipe that I saw on Curly Nikki and went to work. I judged the mixture by eye. I added the powder and warm water until I got the mixture to a pancake batter like consistency. After that I added about two table spoons of honey.

I applied it and left it on my hair for about 10-15 minutes. It is also good to use as a face mask and of course I could not help myself... I put it on my face as well. My skin is really sensitive so I ended up having to wash it off pretty quickly. It did make my face smooth and I may try to spruce up the face mask recipe to add something to not make my face feel so dry.

Soooo in my opinion, I am very pleased with the results, I could definitely tell that my hair had more curl definition than before I applied the mixture. I don't expect a miracle to happen in one night, but over time I do plan to add this to my regimen and will keep you all posted on the results. Here is a picture of my hair after rinsing out the treatment... I will also upload a video to my youtube page about the application of this...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bringing features and spotlight soon as well as giveaways!

Okay, so I have really gotten into blogging and doing the videos again. Since my decision to get into this, I've decided that as I get more followers on here and on youtube, I will start to feature some of my natural friends and I will also start doing giveaways and having contests. There are lots of products that I plan to try and review so look out for it. I will also do makeup product reviews here and there.

I have completely neglected my hair this winter. I have not done any deep treatments and my ends haven't been trimmed in some time now. As I do the blogs and videos, I hope to be able to show you guys a transition in my hair from how it is now being neglected and how it can be. Also, with the help of my natural friends,(I have plenty) hopefully their pictures, videos, blogs and features on my page will help an natural girl out there.

Thanks for reading, I will be uploading a twist out video in a few hours so stay tuned for that on youtube... I was also told to try out amla powder or bentonight clay... Has anyone tried either of these on your hair for strengthening and curl definition? If so please let me know how it worked, I have included a picture of both below. Please post comments and ask questions...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My favorite products right now

So, I am sitting here and decided blog about my favorite products. I have co-washed (conditioner only, no shampoo) my hair for approximately one year now and I wanted to let you guys know my current regimen.

Since being natural I have worn my fair share of wash and go's, but as the winter came, I decided to try not to wash my hair as much and to try to keep it moisturized in other ways. I am a faithful Herbal Essence *hello hydration* user. I co-wash with this and I also use it as a leave-in. On the days that I do not wash my hair, I simply tie it with a silk scarf and the next day I apply Soft sheen Carson Roots of Nature Hair Healing Thickening Cream... It is my miracle working solution for now.

Another product that I use on my hair is Shine hair polish and this is also one of the greatest things to me. Below I have included a picture of each of the three products mentioned in this post. I will upload a video of a twist out from the dry hair state and a twist out from the wet state using these products to show you what the results are on my hair. Stay tuned!

Chat soon

My pictorial video

Again, please bare with me as I learn how to add music and do more with my videos. I am a work in progress.. LOL

My first Youtube Intro Video

I wanted to post my first youtube video. I have not quite mastered editing, music and whatnot just yet, but I hope to get that down soon. Feel free to leave any comments on good sites to use as far as editing is concerned. Right now I am using Picasa.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to Blogging and Say yes to the dress...

Hey there everyone,

I am going to attempt this again. Today, I have just uploaded my first two youtube video's on natural hair and I said, I would start blogging again as well. As usual, lots of things have gone on since the last time I have been on here, but I will definitely fill you all in.

I am heavily engulfed in planning the wedding and everything has been a huge blessing of a journey. Just had my maid of honor,3 bridesmaids and a friend here this weekend to help me "Say yes to the dress" and boy did we have an amazing time the whole weekend. Life is good and God is even greater. I could not be more pleased. Stay tuned for more updates and blog posts and be sure to check out my youtube page and subscribe. www.youtube.com/EJHALO

Here is a pic for you guys from the "Say yes to the dress" weekend... Enjoy