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Friday, May 27, 2011

Enso Naturals Memorial Day Savings

Hey Naturals,

T.G.I.F. I just wanted to jump on a post to let you guys know that Enso Naturals is having a deal this memorial weekend of 25% off your entire purchase! I am really anxious to try this line out and will definitely post a video when I do, but in the mean time, take advantage of this sale if you have heard great things and want to try this line out or if you already use this line and need to stock up! Click HERE to visit their website!!!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Natural Look and Makeup Pallet and Brush set Giveaway


I decided to do three giveaways for my youtube subscribers and twitter followers. In order to enter, you must subscribe to my youtube channel and put enter me on this video and to get a second entry, follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/NaturallyEJHalo and tweet me "Enter Me". Good luck! Here is the tutorial and giveaway information!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Jane Carter 20%off at Earthfare The entire month of May!


I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the Jane Carter products lately and although I have never tried them, I wanted to share the info with you all. For those of you who actually use it or who may be curious like I am..

Click HERE for the info I found on this deal.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EJ's signature Braided style

Hey guys,

So everyone knows I can't braid and I can barely twist, but my very dear friend from childhood was in town this past weekend and so graciously did my hair for me. She is my braiding hero! LOL, the only person who's constantly braided my hair since I have been natural. Here is a video of my signature braided style. I hope you all enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BOGO free Organix at Rite Aid!!!

So you guys know I stay on the look out for any Buy one Get on Free sale and I found one that I can really appreciate!!! Organix shampoo and conditioner are on sale this week at your local Rite Aid!!! I only got two conditioners today, but I am thinking of going back to grab another set of the shampoo and conditioner for our product swap at our Summer meet up! The sale ends on Saturday!!! You just have to have a rite aid card, which you can get for free right at the counter before you check out! It is on the front page of the weekly store ad, here is a picture of it below. I hope this helps someone! I circled it in red for you... Since it's small.

Until next time
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Terrific Tuesday! Non Hair Post #Random

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday. I wanted to first let everyone know that Walgreens has a BOGO free sale on supplements, so for those of you taking prenatals for your hair growth and things like biotin or simply Vitamin C, D, etc. You guys should go by and stock up!

So I was on youtube and came across an old video of myself from back in the day when I was in College at FAMU! What great years!!! I thought I would share it with you all. Don't die laughing, it's old skool! Well I'll call it a throwback! LMBO... Happy Tuesday everyone! I will have a hair video coming in the next couple days!


P.S. I am the chick on the FAR right in the yellow jersey! Couldn't tell me nothing back then. LOL

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Natural hair Meet up April 30, 2011

I am a week late with posting the updates for this, but boy did we have a great time. There were about 25-30 women in attendance to the Natural Hair Meet up that we had and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We did product swaps, talked about hair products and regimes, had a local vendor and enjoyed some great food. Here is a video below of some of the highlights from the meet up. I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Herbal Essence 2/$3.97 at CVS


This week CVS has a sale going on in their weekly add for Herbal Essence products. Basically, you need a cvs card which is free to get, it's just like a grocery store perks card. You purchase the two products of your choice and it rings up for $5.97 when your receipt prints out, you get a $2 off coupon on your next purchase at the store which basically makes your purchase $3.97 for both. Here is a picture of the receipt they will print out for you to get $2.00 off your next purchase.

Also, I am not sure if they randomly print out coupons for stuff, but the lady ahead of me in line didn't have her cvs card, so I allowed her to use mine. She just bought some minor stuff, like trail mix and a beef jerky or something and the cashier gave her the receipt but handed me the coupon that came out with it and low and behold it was 25% off my next purchase good for 3 days only. When I got to the register she said I could combine my two receipts so I did! I went back and got two full price Organix tea tree mint conditioners, used my $2.00 off coupon and my 25% off coupon for a total of $9.21 spent on organix. Which is regularly priced at $6.99 at cvs. Here is the pic of the second receipt.

I know you all may think, it's not worth it, but I say go for it. I got two bottles of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and two bottles of Organix Tea Tree Mint and my combined grand total was less than $15. I am satisfied with that purchase. You can use your $2.00 off on anything in the store that is full priced for 30 days! Even if it is something that only cost $3. I hope this helps someone!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Funky Messy Updo

Okay, so I was going for a neat and cute look from an old twist out, but instead ended up with a mess. I decided to twerk this style and make it a funky messy updo. With confidence, we can pull off the mistakes like we meant to do it! LOL