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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Point of no return or Forgive and Start Fresh?

Hello all, I had a few days off, but I am back with a topic that I hope to get some good responses on... Why is it that you have to damn near loose someone you love before you realize that with them is where you want to be? I mean is it to much to ask someone to not compromise the feelings of someone they are dealing with by making careless decisions??? Yes, we all make mistakes, but sometimes, some mistakes should only be made by those of us under the age of 16. Have you ever dealt with someone and you got to the point of no return, but all of a sudden they wanted things to be right? What did you do, did you take them back, was it still the same or did things change in your relationship? How forgiving are we as people? Did you hold a grudge for a long time or just let it go and started fresh?

Anticipating your thoughts

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's all in fun... Or do you beg to differ?

Good morning, I apologize, but my Monday got a hold of me and I was unable to post anything yesterday. Today I want to talk about having fun!!! I know that having fun is a broad topic, but when I speak about it, I'm wondering how much fun are you willing to let your significant other have? I know people who have many different aspects on it and personally I know from experience that mine is a bit different from that of the average female. Not saying that there aren't any women who think the way I do, because I know there are many, but just in my circle of friends alone, it differs a bit.

Take me for example, I am very, very comfortable with my significant other hanging with his boys and doing what they do, even if it's going to a strip club. Some women wonder, "Why does he need to go to the strip club", but if he has the desire and you can't get on a pole, or throw on some sexy heels and dance for your man, then I say let him do his thing. Heck, even if your willing to dance for him, I think it's cool to spice things up a bit and let him enjoy that environment from time to time if that is what he wants to do. I have dated someone and I've personally gone to the club with them and paid for them to get dances and vice versa, it's entertainment folks. No big deal, no harm intended, Just having Fun. Some women don't want their husbands to have a bachelor party before they get married, or they want to dictate what is done at the party, I say let him have fun.

On the flip side, some men get a bit jealous if their significant other hangs with males. Some feel that if they are not hanging with their girls, then there is something going on. Is it not okay, that your girl may want to watch a basketball game with some fellas, or they may want to go shoot pool at the billiards and drink some beer? They may just have a male that they are really cool with and may want to kick it and shoot the breeze. Just because my girls are not there, doesn't have to mean that there is something going on? I know of some males who want their significant other to cut off all ties with any male friend they have that isn't family. So I think personally, that in both cases, maybe the male or female is a bit insecure about themselves or what they have when they don't want their significant other to be able to do anything with someone of the opposite sex or someone that they could possibly be attracted to. So my question is, how much fun is to much fun? And how do you feel about the different scenarios that I spoke on? Please give more scenarios if you have different ones.

Anticipating your thoughts and responses...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reason, Season, Lifetime...

I missed a day of blogging, but here goes the last post for the week. I am sure we have all heard the phrase, "People come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime." This is on my mind, because over the past 6 months, some people have been brought into my life and while I am still trying to figure out the purpose for them all, I am grateful. Please don't get me wrong. I have some FRIENDS that are lifelong, whom I have been close with since 2nd grade, and as I get older, I do know that my circle of associates will grow at a nice pace, but I can't say that I expect my circle of FRIENDS to grow much. Okay that's a bit off topic, but back to the point.

When people come into your life for a reason, it can be because of a lesson you need to learn, to help you realize some things about yourself, or just to throw a little flavor in your life. Which leads me to a people who come into your life for a season. In my experiences these seasonal people are not always the best things for you. We learn from them, and hopefully apply what we learned to our life and keep it moving. Season and Reason can be tied together. Now, those who come into our life for a lifetime.... I am most thankful to God for these kinds of people. They normally cover all grounds, they come into your life for a reason, and their season is forever (lifetime). This is truly just a blog, because my thoughts are so random on this topic. No matter if you are in my life for a reason, were here for a season, or will remain for a lifetime, I am grateful for you...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Okay, so I was sitting down thinking about some close friends and reflecting on a few past situations and wondered how you felt about secrets. Is there ever a time when some things just have to remain a secret, or do you feel like the truth is always the best answer? This topic offers contradicting thoughts in my mind, because I always like to be honest and upfront, but often times, especially when it isn't my business, I think keeping the secret will yield a better outcome than telling. For those of you in relationships, do you sometimes tell secrets to your spouse or partner, even when your friend may think it has been sworn to secrecy? Do you have any secrets that you think you will take to your grave, or do you think maybe one day when you are old and gray, you can share it every secret you may have bottled up inside and not have the burden of a secret on your mind?

Anticipating your thoughts...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The "Perfect Date"?

Okay, so this is my very first blog. I have been inspired to do this by a few people. This one is about the "perfect date". It doesn't matter if you are married, single, dating, swinging, or having an affair. I would love to get male and female points of views on this topic, to get an idea of how both sexes look at and dissect this topic.What would be the perfect date to you? Would you consider it a night at home watching movies, a wild night out on the town, quiet dinner, a basketball game? I would like to know your thoughts on this and maybe after some responses I will post my thoughts.

If possible get as much into detail as you can. Even if your "perfect date" is for some reason unobtainable. It may be considered a fairytale in someone's eyes, or it may be the night that you have often with your special someone.

Anticipating your thoughts...