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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fro Fashion Week Recap

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while, but I definitely wanted to get on to chat about the wonderful time I had at Fro Fashion Week! I didn't get to attend as many workshops as I wanted to, but it was wonderful to meet so many and to connect. Networking is so good for the soul. I had the chance to meet and chat with people like Afrobella, Felicia Leatherwood, Kim Coles, Ken Burkeen and so many more!

When I got in on Friday, I checked in to Hotel Melia and got a chance to relax a bit and grab a bite to eat. I then spent the bulk of my night and most of my morning helping my dear friend put together the Shea Moisture suite. I think we did a wonderful job and so many people got a chance to enjoy complimentary massages and nail services...

After setting up the suite and getting dressed for the day, I was enable to meet many familiar faces and enjoyed the wonderful experience that all of the companies provided. It was indeed a well spent weekend. The vendors and suites at Fro Fashion week created a great experience. I mean these companies really did their thing. I got a chance to check out the Beautiful Textures suite, Curls Unleashed suite, Kynx suite and of course the Shea Moisture Suite for a massage.

I ended up rolling along all day long going from place to place and honestly don't even recall eating lunch on Saturday... I am sure I did, I just don't remember at this point what it was, weird huh??? After enjoying the events during the day, I managed to catch a 30 minute rest upstairs and changed to attend the Penthouse Party which was fun. I danced a bit, chat with some of my new natural friends and called it a night. I was pooped!!! Below you will find a pic of myself with Kim Coles and Tarin Boone.

After having some fun at the penthouse party, I was in for some well needed sleep and relaxation. I slept in on Sunday and didn't get out to enjoy the festivities until about 11am. I ran into a few other familiar faces and had to leave before the fashion show portion. I was devastated about that, because EVERYONE warned me that it was the best part of the event! I will make sure not to miss it next time around. Here are some pics I took with Jess of Jessicurls, Chimole of Shea Moisture and Mae of NaturalChica.com.

All in all, I had a ball and made some really good connections! Look forward to some great things in the near future! Here is one last pic of me on the final day of the festivities. I was soooooooo beat!

Ebbie ツ