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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Okay, so I was sitting down thinking about some close friends and reflecting on a few past situations and wondered how you felt about secrets. Is there ever a time when some things just have to remain a secret, or do you feel like the truth is always the best answer? This topic offers contradicting thoughts in my mind, because I always like to be honest and upfront, but often times, especially when it isn't my business, I think keeping the secret will yield a better outcome than telling. For those of you in relationships, do you sometimes tell secrets to your spouse or partner, even when your friend may think it has been sworn to secrecy? Do you have any secrets that you think you will take to your grave, or do you think maybe one day when you are old and gray, you can share it every secret you may have bottled up inside and not have the burden of a secret on your mind?

Anticipating your thoughts...


  1. i liked what u wiret her

  2. Great topic EJ, I think some things have to remain between you and you. Secrets are just that secret if they were meant to be shared then it would just be something discussed. They say the truth shall set you free but, the truth is somethings need to be kept personal if everything that was deemed a secret i.e. what do you do in your own personal time, do you pick your nose with your finger, do you masturbate, do you wash and use the same towel everyday, do you wash once every other day, do you smoke (and don't want anyone to think you are a weed head), do you drink (and dont want folks to see you as a lush), etc. I think some things are meant to be kept between you and the EYES. Everyone has a closet of bones.........if you say you don't that too is a secret that you are trying to kept (a lie). There is a time and place for everything, I mean let's say your best friend lust after your man..right, now that is a secret that I think (long run) you would want your best friend to keep and work out on her own. Certain things like that have to be dealt with by the individual. Now if you have a friend that is.....let's say cheating, drugs, saw another friend butt ass naked then it would depend or should I say all depends on your level of trust because one thing to keep in mind and I could have summed it all up like this earlier.

    If it get's out it will never be a secret because everybody has a best friend or a close friend. Meaning: I have a best friend (if I did'nt grow up with you; if we met in college or high school etc) that best friend has a best friend or close friend and that bf has a bf or clf. So no matter what if you tell it will be told again, and again, and again so thats something to keep in mind but its a interesting topic and I'm sure there will be a lot of comments on it.

  3. You hit the nail on the head with many points in this one. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Secrets, secrets, secrets. Damned secrets. Yes, secrets are meant to be kept to one's self. I have learned this lesson head on. I thought that because I was in love with someone, that I could divulge a little secret of mine and since we supposedly had a level of trust in one another, it would be okay. Well, boy did I shoot myself in the foot with that one. Now I know better. My best friends doesn't have to know everything about me because I'm sure I don't know everything about them. My significant other will never be told a secret again due to the last response I got from him. I know that if I don't feel comfortable divulging the information, whether it is about me or told to me, it is my little secret til death do us part.

    On that note, secrets are what they were meant to be. If you feel any other way about the information you hold, then that information was never really meant to be a secret in the first place.

  5. Great Points SpRSt... Thanks for the feedback!

  6. I can relate to this blog on secrets because right now I'm trying to decide if I want to keep something in my life a secret or not. I've divulged the information to a few individuals, so it's not entirely secret. However, some things are better kept secret because it simply reduces stress. Some things may be presented as a secret, but maybe they shouldn't be kept secret if the information could be harmful to someone. In the case of withholding information that could be harmful to someone, do you allow someone to be hurt or possibly damage a friendship by sharing a secret? A lot to think about....good blog EJ