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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Point of no return or Forgive and Start Fresh?

Hello all, I had a few days off, but I am back with a topic that I hope to get some good responses on... Why is it that you have to damn near loose someone you love before you realize that with them is where you want to be? I mean is it to much to ask someone to not compromise the feelings of someone they are dealing with by making careless decisions??? Yes, we all make mistakes, but sometimes, some mistakes should only be made by those of us under the age of 16. Have you ever dealt with someone and you got to the point of no return, but all of a sudden they wanted things to be right? What did you do, did you take them back, was it still the same or did things change in your relationship? How forgiving are we as people? Did you hold a grudge for a long time or just let it go and started fresh?

Anticipating your thoughts


  1. Great subject EJ...........I will say this men do this all the time. We have to lose it before we realize it's true value. As I have stated on several occassions ladies patience will take you a long way. That is not to say you have to put up with anything at all I'm just saying we mature a lot slower than you all do so when we lose a good thing it takes that down period to realize damn that was the best thing for me. To elaborate on that a little bit we (men) fear the day of finding that special someone even though we look for it just as bad as women do, now the problem is we (aforementioned) always wonder if she is the one.....with soooooooooooooooo many out there. I have been pushed away before and I didnt take it to well but, end the end when a women pushes you away they may be the best thing even though afterwards she may regret it. Tough topic to really engage in but, I hope my view is relevant.


  2. Very relevant view. I understand exactly what you are saying... Yes, a woman can push a guy away and regret it, however, speaking for women who have dealt with simular situations in guys, sometimes when we have had enough and we push a guy away, we get a sense of relief and the guy is the one who regrets it. I would rather loose you than hurt myself by keeping you. You are right, patience takes you a long way. Sometimes it would just be nice to not have to go through some careless mistakes, but I guess that's part of what make relationships have substanance and resilience. You have to go through things in order to appreciate what it is that you have. I just wondered though, thanks for your response.

  3. Speaking of near lost, this topic hits home hard. I can say that it took one good "teenage love affair(ish)" heartbreak for me to take the stance of "I will NEVER let my heart be broken again!" And boy did I stick to that train of thought. I went through a lengthy period of "doing what I do" and not caring if what I meant to another person really mattered because I wasn't going to let myself get attached.

    Long story shortened, then I met someone and "fell" in love. And after time and more time, we had our highs and lows, and several breaking points. Then the big one, the end all, but neither of us wanted to let the other go. So, I guess in my situation, it took both of us wanting to leave for both of us to realize we really didn't want to go anywhere. Why?

    I really think it is communication. These ills that one has with their partner are usually grudges from something that has been allowed to build up. There would be no breaking point to mend if the person just speaks up about it in the first place and it is dealt with right then. I think we are a forgiving people, but we let go and stay together only when the sitution is right. We move on when its wrong. And anyone whose stuck in between must really find love and forgiveness in themselves before they can even touch on the topic of someone else.