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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The "Perfect Date"?

Okay, so this is my very first blog. I have been inspired to do this by a few people. This one is about the "perfect date". It doesn't matter if you are married, single, dating, swinging, or having an affair. I would love to get male and female points of views on this topic, to get an idea of how both sexes look at and dissect this topic.What would be the perfect date to you? Would you consider it a night at home watching movies, a wild night out on the town, quiet dinner, a basketball game? I would like to know your thoughts on this and maybe after some responses I will post my thoughts.

If possible get as much into detail as you can. Even if your "perfect date" is for some reason unobtainable. It may be considered a fairytale in someone's eyes, or it may be the night that you have often with your special someone.

Anticipating your thoughts...


  1. So....I asked a male friend of mine what he would describe as the perfect date. His response: perfect date... i'd send a limo to pick you up from work. the driver would hand you a bouquet of flowers and a note that says we're doing something special tonight. He'd drive you to your house where that dress you wanted would be layed across your bed. When you're ready, u'd be driven to a nice restaraunt where i'll be waiting...we'd have dinner, maybe a few drinks and just talk and laugh, enjoying our night and each other's company.

  2. I think that the perfect date to me, would be doing whatever I can do to see the beautiful smile on my lady's face the whole day. That is joy in itself. I always pick up the tab, and I do the things women like like flowers, let her shop at my expense, movies, dinner, and even a spa day every now and then. Maybe my perfect date, would be me spoiling her all day, starting with breakfast that i made, taking her to the spa to get her pedicure and manicure, lunch at one of our favorite spots, with wine in the middle of the day, a few hours at home to rest after hitting the shops to get her that bangin pair of heels and whatever she wants to wear. After the day out, the evening would be spent with maybe champagne and strawberries as I prepare a meal, and maybe hitting a cozy lounge or hot spot on the town and ending it at home with her falling asleep in my arms and waking up to kisses with the bad breath.

  3. The perfect date to me doesn't have a determined setting. It could be any of the above places you mentioned. It could be a walk in a park, a drive through the mountains, or a very uncomfortable flight in coach. In so many words, it could be almost anywhere. Heed the "almost." But my perfect date would encompass a feeling of joy and comfort. A time when I can just be and he can just be. At the end of the date, I should feel like I've had the most memorable time with my best friend.

  4. The ideas stated above are all wonderful "perfect date" ideas. As for me, I love the simple things. I enjoy spending quality time, cuddling up, and being carefree. Don't get me wrong... Flowers, dinner, shopping, etc. are all cool, but I can literally enjoy laying around in bed most of the day with my special someone enjoying what some call "the honeymoon phase". Oftentimes,the stresses of the day drain people and do not allow us to put 100% of our energy into our significant other. To be able to enjoy a day off from work, cuddled up, watching movies, giving your undivided time and effort to the one you care for, while enjoying a few glasses of wine is alright with me. One thing I would love to do, is paint with my special someone after getting responsibly twisted on some red wine, and wake up the next day to see what we created on the canvas. Simplicity to me is the "perfect date"...

    Thanks for your responses, more are very welcome. I love to see the diversity in each persons answers.

  5. Perfect date............it really depends on the person EJ, I am a chameleon (sp) when it comes/came to women and dating and I would make it fun. I think just finding something fun to do whether its a sporting event, skating, movies, at home movies, hangin with a group, a walk, or a trip it all depends on what the female is interested in. The biggest thing no matter what is getting her to get out of the shell and be more open than normal