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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twist Out Method 101 and welcome to my new followers ツ

Hey guys,

Happy hump day to you all! So tonight, I wanted to do something with my hair. I will probably do a deep treatment on it using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration mixed with honey or using my Shea Moisture deep treatment masque with honey added to it.. Heck why not mix it all up and pile it on, can't hurt right???

After browsing through some of my favorite youtube channels I came across Naptural85's Twist out Method 101 and I am going to attempt to do this on my hair tonight. This will give me an idea of how I will wear my hair on Saturday for our natural hair meet up!I have a couple styles in mind and need to play around with it tonight so that I can have a little something cute for Saturday... Wish me luck guys! Below you will find her video as well as the one that I did on my hair with a twist out...


  1. Definitely loving your choice of music!! I'd also love to try these products.

  2. I am meeting up with Claire this weekend and will be getting some more of her products... Is there anything in particular that you want to try? I will send you some... Since you are my BDR from waaaaay back ;)