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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Excited!!! My Pallets have arrived!!!

Happy Saturday Evening!!!!

So..... I promised you guys I would do as many product reviews as possible, well my first makeup product review will be done soon. Last week I came across some wonderful pallets and today they arrived! If this product proves to be as nice as I think it will, stand by for a give away! I am really UBER excited!!!I will likely do a pallet and brush giveaway once I reach 250 followers either on my blog or on my youtube page at www.youtube.com/EJHalo ... So please don't forget to follow my blog and subscribe on youtube. You need a blogger account to do so, which is easy to create using your email account...

Today I received a 13 piece brush set, a 78 color eyeshadow/blush set and an 88 color eyeshadow pallet. There are several companies out there that offer these at a reasonable price, but not all of them have been reviewed. Some are good and some have been said to be not so good, but we will see... Here are a few pics of my new brush set and my two new pallets! Post your feedback and let me know if you guys would be interested in this as a future giveaway!

Nite, Nite


  1. looks like fun! where did you decide to order from?

  2. I wanted to go with a place that didn't have a whole lot of reviews out there and that was fairly inexpensive. I got them from the brush company. Review coming soon. =)