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Monday, June 21, 2010

Checkin in and updates

Hey folks,

I just wanted to check in and give some updates of what's going on. The fiance and I just had our second engagement party in Atlanta and it was a huge success. I especially loved the cake, which was made by TheSouthernCakeQueen. She is based in Charlotte, NC (Thank God for her being family, or else she would not have brought that cake all the way from NC)... The cake topper was a replica of my ring! I loved it... We gave away about $600 in gift cards and small prizes. We played a few games, and even had personalized scratch offs with about 20 winners for our day. We had an absolute ball. I would like to thank all our friends and family who took the time out to attend out day, it was one to remember.

I just got back from Miami, on an impromptu girls getaway which was much needed. I'm ready for the summer jet setting to begin. I just wanted to jump on and say hey. Hope to be back soon. I must get back into this blogging thing.

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